Pakistanis increasingly vulnerable to diabetes need to promote healthy lifestyle

KARACHI: There is urgency to promote healthy life style in the country, particularly 12% of its over 25 years population already suffering from diabetes and another 10% registered with impaired glucose tolerance, i.e. on borderline.

Speakers at a session held Sunday evening said attention is not only needed to focus on prevention of the ailment but also its management to avert associated complications as amputation of limbs, blindness, renal failure, heart failure and so-forth.

Wasim Akram, former captain of Pakistan cricket team, addressing the program said he was a diabetic since 1997 and had played world class cricket till 2003 without any inhibition just because of a healthy lifestyle and constant monitoring of blood glucose levels.

“I am among one of the many living evidence of the fact that these complications can be avoided and so can the severity of diabetes,” said Akram, a legend in his own right.

He strongly supported other speakers, including diabetologists, that current disease pattern in the country demanded promotion of a culture of healthy living among the people in general and the high risk groups as well as diabetics in particular.

This was said to cost nothing extra but to respect oneself and extend a little care towards basics as shunning sedentary lifestyle as well as food indulgence in particular context of fast and high density food.

Wasim Akram said importance of advancements in the technology and easy accessibility of people to the same can not be denied, however, this must not be at the cost of physical activities.

Growing dependence on technology leading to sedentary life style and steady decline in sports (on the field) is registered to be a major cause of prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes and is very alarming for Pakistan.

Sohail Malik, Head of Diabetic Care – Roche, said Pakistan with approximately 10% of its population suffering from the disease is ranked 7th on diabetes prevalence list.

Addressing the audience comprising people with diabetes, he said it was important to monitor glucose level and also to resort to regular physical exercise so as to avoid the complications.

Later talking to media, the legendary cricketer said he was happy with the performance of the young Pakistani cricket players in the recently held tournaments.

“The boys have improved in all the three areas of the game and are in better position to win,” he said advising the national team to work together and focus on their goals.