PDM leaders fighting against each other: Haleem Adil Shaikh

KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Vice President and Opposition Leader in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh on Monday said that Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) leaders were fighting against each other and PDM had already been rejected by the masses.

Addressing to a press conference at Sindh Assembly flanked by PTI Parliamentary Party Leader Bilawal Ghaffar, MPA Dua Bhutto and other leaders, he said that ‘Papa Daddy Maulana Bachao Movement’ was taking its last breath.

He said that Dr. Adnan had already returned back, who disgraced his profession by claiming low platelets count of Nawaz Sharif. However, Nawaz Sharif became healthy after going abroad.

Haleem said that now all these people would be medically treated in the government hospital that they had built in last 40 to 50 years.

He said that they wanted to give show-cause notice to Imran Khan but Bilawal itself was given the show cause-notice. He said that these people were hungry for power and they have nothing to do with the problems of masses.

He said that hurling threats at judges was tantamount to threats to justice system. Haleem said that lawyers should support such judges bravely. He said that the

cases of dog-bites were highest in Sindh.

He said that education, healthcare, social security standards were low in the province. ‘There are 2.5 million stray dogs in the province, ’ he said adding that this year more than 5000 cases of dog-bite had been reported.

Haleem said, ‘We are making a Cell for all these issues and we will go to the court whenever such cases were reported.’

He said, ‘I am not afraid of jails and will continue to raise voice for the poor people.’ He said his party, media and Pakistanis support him.

HIV in Larkana which is said to be a town of PPP voters. In Larkana 1132 children of age about 13 years were suffering from the AIDS. He said 48 children of Larkana have already been died of AIDS. He said that 408 adults were also tested positive for HIV. He demanded compensation and monthly stipend for these patients.

Haleem alleged that lawlessness was increasing in Sindh.

PTI leader Bilawal Ghaffar said that the Sindh government was going to a lockdown in the month of Ramadan under a conspiracy. He said that violation of SOPs was the failure of government. He said that Pakistan rupee had gained strength against US dollar.