PIA flight PK 755 made technical landing: Spokesman

KARACHI: PIA flight PK 755 from Sialkot to Riyadh on Wednesday made a technical landing and not an emergency

landing as highlighted in a section of media, said spokesperson of the national flag carrier.

He said that the factual position is that during flight there was an indication of smoke signal in the cargo compartment on the control panel of the aircraft A320. However, the pilot as per Standard Safety Procedure operated fire bottles (extinguisher) and keeping in view the safety guidelines the aircraft made a Technical Landing at Lahore airport.

The Passengers were disembarked and taken to lounge for breakfast. Meanwhile the entire aircraft especially the cargo

compartment was thoroughly checked and no trace of any fire or smoke was detected.

PIA spokesman said that since the aircraft had to go for a complete check by PIA engineering and CAA, and the time required

to replace the consumed fire bottles; an alternate arrangement was made for passengers who were sent by another A320 aircraft.

The flight PK 755 took off at 2 pm from Lahore. Meanwhile, the aircraft in question also became serviceable. PIA regretted the inconvenience caused to the passengers, spokesman added.