PMA for coordinated efforts to control dengue fever in the country

KARACHI: Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Centre Tuesday urged the federal, provincial and local governments to come together and help people get protected against dengue fever and its associated complications registered almost across the country.

Dr. S.M.Qaisar Sajjad, Secretary General, PMA – Centre here said that the authorities concerned must start with an anti-mosquito spray campaign on an emergency basis throughout the country.

“This is critically needed as prevention of Dengue Fever is linked to complete elimination of mosquitoes causing the viral infection that otherwise holds no vaccine to protect people nor any specific treatment is available for the disease,” elaborated the senior doctor.

The PMA official taking strong exception to a slogan “Dengue Jan Leva Marz Haey,” being projected through different mediums, said this was creating unnecessary fear among the masses as Dengue is largely a self limiting disease and needs prevention as well simple measures to avert associated complications.

Seeking immediate ban on the advertisement containing the cited slogan, he said this may turn into a tool to exploit and befool the unassuming people.

“What is immediately needed is elimination of breeding points for varied categories of mosquito to also help end malaria, chikungunya etc,” said Dr. Qaiser Sajjad.

Reiterating that PMA firmly believes that prevention is batter then cure, he said anti-mosquito spray must be ensured at regular interval with particular focus on stagnant water.

Emphasizing that quality of insecticide must not be compromised ensuring that actual concentration is used to make the exercise meaningful suggested that fumigation (with due stock towards public health Safety) must also be done conducted inside and outside of the hospitals (government and private), schools (government and private), offices, nurseries and garden, tyre repair shops etc.

The Secretary General of PMA-Centre further submitted that government must establish quality laboratories for diagnoses of all types of viruses that people are being increasingly exposed to due to environment related conditions.

The laboratories to be turned functional at major public sector hospitals must be efficient and competitive with provision for collection of blood sample (collection centre) at their different link hospitals and dispensaries.

Mentioning that dengue shock syndrome and hemorrhagic fever are the major complications of the peculiar viral infection, the senior doctor further suggested easy and free of cost availability of safe and well screened whole blood and its components (platelet and plasma) to the patients in accordance to their needs.

He said private hospitals and related facilities also need to realize their responsibility towards the patients suffering from Dengue Fever.

“Producers and retailers of anti- mosquito products, including repellents should reduce prices of these goods to help people, said the PMA official also urging to strict follow series of preventive measures that are easily doable and affordable.

People in general were also advised never to resort to self medication in case of high grade fever and must immediately approached a qualified doctor.

Regular water intake, home made fresh food, good sleep does increase body immunity of dengue fever patients,” he said.

PMA General Secretary also urged members of his community, particularly the general practitioners, to treat symptomatically people suffering from viruses like Rhino-pharyngitis (Flue) or any other Fever.

“Do not prescribe or administer Anti-biotic / Anti-malarial / Aspirin as this will deteriorate the condition of the person suffering from Dengue Fever,” he said adding that in case the fever persist for more than two days then complete blood count (CBC) of the patients be ensured.