PML (N) to ensure tax relief for the salaried class: Miftah Ismail

KARACHI:Dr.Miftah Ismail, the PML (N) candidate for NA 244 constituency has assured Karachiites that his party once voted back to power will ensure tax relief for the salaried class in particular and masses in general.

Addressing the voters belonging to his constituency in Nursery area, the former federal minister for finance said he understands the pain of the salaried class repeatedly exposed to high tax rates.

I have first hand knowledge of the burden of income tax on hard working people of Karachi, he said mentioning that as finance minister in the previous government, he gave it a serious thought and ensured

adequate relief to the tax payers in the federal budget for 2018-19.

“By the grace of Allah I was able to prepare the best budget in the history of Pakistan under which special relief was offered to the salaried people,” said Dr. Miftah Ismail mentioning that he was able

to bring down the tax rate from 30% to 15%.

The former federal minister for finance reminded the people that it was due to his efforts that presently a person earning Rs. 100,000 was totally exempted from income tax and a person who was making Rs 200,000 was required to pay his or her tax at 5% rate.

He said it was not an easy job for him to convince many of the law makers as well as the bureaucracy that cutting taxes can bring economic prosperity.

PML (N) candidate for Karachi’s constituency NA 244 assured the people that if elected by them he would continue making people friendly policies, that will not only provide relief to the common man

but also pave way for country’s prosperity.

He regretted that Karachi, his home city, paid the most taxes but was not given due attention by most of the former governments, with the exception of PML (N) that not only restored law and order but also initiated series of development schemes in the metropolis.

Dr. Miftah Ismail said his party was the only party that had accorded due priority in its manifesto to revamp the tax system and address problems faced by the citizens of Karachi.

He on the occasion referred to the fact that nations in the world who had simplified their tax regimes were witnessed making tremendous economic progress.

“PML (N) approach towards simplifying the tax system will provide relief to the common man and will strengthen the economy,” he emphasized and urged the people to take into cognizance the budget presented by his party only this year.