PMSA recovers 2700 kg Hashish, arrest 8 alleged smugglers

KARACHI:Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) and Pakistan Customs in a joint intelligence based counter narcotics operation recovered almost 2700 kilograms of hashish worth around Rs 820 million.

A statement issued here Tuesday said that the PMSA aircraft during patrolling at high seas spotted a suspicious boat which was hiding in a group of fishing boats. Immediately PMSA ship was tasked towards the Contact of Interest.

When suspicious boat saw PMSA ship coming, it started moving towards open sea.

The suspicious boat did all out efforts to escape but was unsuccessful and when the crew of the smuggling boat observed that they were going to be caught, it set fire on boat to eliminate the evidence and smugglers jumped into sea.

PMSA ship did its best to extinguish the fire but strength of fire was high and the boat sunk in open sea.

The PMSA recovered 2700 kilogram of Hashish and held eight alleged smugglers during rescue operation.

The seized narcotic is being handed over to Pakistan Customs for further legal proceedings.