RTO blocked NTN of 800 businessman of Karachi Region

KARACHI: Arif Lakhani, Chairman PCDMA, has made serious concern over blocking of NTN of 800 businessman by Regional Tax office Karachi and informed that if the Regional Tax office has not activate the NTN immediately, the business community will hold the taxes and it causes the losses in revenue by Government.

Arif Lakhani informed that businessman has already submitted the pay order under section 81 and in some cases, it has been since two years, but still business community has get notices of recovery from RTO and they are forcing for again payment.

He said that, this dispute is between department of valuation and RTO Karachi for transferring of funds, but inspite of solving among themselves, they are harassing business community and due to blocking of NTN the business activity suffered a lot and at the same time the importing containers  has also delay in clearance and it causes losses to importers.

Chairman PCDMA has demands withdrawal of all recovery notices and activate the status of all NTN and urge them to solve the issue of two departments themselves and do not make black list/ suspension until the matter solve and if RTO does not accept the genuine demands of importers, they will stop the payment of all taxes and it can be spread to business community of whole country which causes more losses in revenue in national exchequer.