SABQAT, RAFAQAT inducted in Pakistan Maritime Security Agency

KARACHI: Two Island Class Ships PMSS SABQAT and RAFAQAT were formally inducted and commissioned in Pakistan Maritime Security Agency in a graceful ceremony held at Karachi on Thursday.

These ships after serving in US Coast Guards have undergone complete overhaul at USA prior their delivery and commissioning in PMSA. Vice Admiral Tayyab Ali Dogar graced the occasion as Chief Guest. Senior military, government officials, US Consul General at Karachi attended the ceremony.

These Ships have been equipped with capabilities to effectively undertake Patrolling, Surveillance, Search and Rescue and other law enforcement operations. Crew of these ships were trained at US Coast Guards facilities. Rear Admiral Jamil Akhtar, Director General Pakistan Maritime Security Agency, during his welcome address highlighted that for the growing needs of enhanced area of responsibility of PMSA, evolving maritime challenges, law enforcement imperatives and national obligations of SAR, a capacity Enhancement Plan approved by the Federal Government is smoothly proceeding.

He said that induction of a record number of platforms in a single calendar year is un-precedented in the history of PMSA. He added that the acquisition of all these platforms has been a challenging process having peculiar complications w.r.t manning, budgetary approvals, crew training and their blending into the existing repair, maintenance and support regimes.

However, this all has been made easier and smooth through extra efforts and a focused approach by PMSA. Chief Guest, Vice Admiral Tayyab Ali Dogar in his address, congratulated PMSA on induction of these ships after earlier induction of three Maritime Patrol Vessels in PMSA Fleet within a span of just eight months.

He declared this a proud and historic moment for PMSA and everyone involved. He said that PMSS SABQAT and RAFAQAT are a new chapter in the developmental plans of PMSA and these ships will serve the country and PMSA effectively in the coming decades.

He hoped that these platforms will surely strengthen the operational capacity and offer flexibility in law enforcement by PMSA. Admiral Dogar said that such developments are encouraging for our maritime sector which is gaining requisite focus and attention. He further said that maritime security apparatus is also cruising up at a positive and consistent pace to the growing demands of maritime domains, especially after the announcement of CPEC.

Chief Guest also visited various sections of the Ships where he was briefed by Commanding Officers of PMSS SABQAT and RAFAQAT about the capabilities of the Ship. The Chief Guest highly appreciated the quality and capabilities of various equipments.