Social media activists launch 3-day tomato boycott campaign

KARACHI/LAHORE/ISLAMABAD: After successful fruit boycott campaign during the Holy month of Ramazan, social media activists have launched a three-day tomato boycott campaign now following exorbitant hike in its price lately.

The tomato price skyrocketed on the first day of Eid-ul-Adha and now its price ranges from Rs160 to Rs250 in different parts of the country. However, the authorities have failed to keep a check on the prices.

Social media activists came up with the idea of repeating boycott campaign as the out of reach prices profoundly perturbed the citizens. Various people on Twitter and Facebook have called for a boycott, ranging from three days to two weeks.

Some people are sharing posts requesting people to refrain from buying tomato from Tuesday to Thursday (Sept 26-28), while a large number of other people want it to be extended to a whole week, until Sunday (Oct 1).

The tomato boycott campaign, just like fruit boycott, has spread out from Karachi into other cities of the country as well.

People all over the country have started the tomato boycott campaign after an increase in the prices from time to time. Price hike is termed as a cruel step of tomato mafia by people on twitter.

“Everyone should boycott buying tomatoes for 2 weeks and use Yoghurt instead for curries- Price hike created by Tomato Mafia will come down,” a Twitter user quipped.