Speaker Balochistan Assembly, Sindh Governor discuss development under CPEC

KARACHI: Speaker of Balochistan Assembly, Rahila Durrani in a meeting with Sindh Governor, Mohammad Zubair, here

Tuesday, discussed in detail the linkages developed between the two provinces via China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

It was appreciated that natural ports at the coast of Balochistan were not only being developed on strong and modern lines but also connected to port city of Karachi, a major international trade centre.

Speaker Rahila Durrani said inception of CPEC is leading towards a fresh era of well being for the people of Balochistan.

“CPEC project particularly focuses on development of remote parts of Balochistan that will create job opportunities for the local population” she said.

Rahila Durrani mentioned that the provincial and federal governments were on the same page with regard to mega projects in Balochistan.

“The joint motive is to raise standard of living of the people across the province,” she said.

The Sindh Governor on the occasion shared with Speaker of Balochistan details of mega projects including Lyari expressway and K -IV water scheme in Karachi.

He said these schemes funded by the federal government are fast on their way to completion and are part of the ambitious Karachi Development package.

The federal government sponsored package, he said also encompasses different public welfare schemes related to health, education and sanitation sectors.

The two on the occasion agreed that safety of public life is and has to be the top priority of the authorities at every level.