Steady surge in temperature enhances chances of heat stroke

KARACHI: With no respite against rising temperature, that reached 40 degrees Tuesday with almost negligible change in the day and night temperatures, citizens remained at high risk to suffer from heat stroke.

The situation is expected to persist for another few days as besides soaring temperatures, wind direction has also changed while humidity turning almost unbearable.

“Fortunately no case of heat-stroke has been reported from any of the healthcare facilities since the recent spate,” said Dr. M. Taufiq, Director Health Services, KMC.

He told reporter that all concerned officials right from town health officers, to district health officers to medical superintendents of different hospitals have been put on high alert.

All curative measures are always adopted as a routine practice, he said in reply to a question.

“The dedicated heatstroke units also remain intact round the clock so that immediate intervention is immediately provided to any of the victim,” said the official mentioning that whether case arrive or not arrangements are always in place.

The Director, Health Services in reply to another question said concerted efforts have also been made to raise public awareness about simple preventive measures to avoid heatstroke that may turn life threatening if ignored.

Meanwhile, Commissioner of Karachi, Mohammad Ejaz Khan chairing a meeting appreciated that close coordination has been ensured among the administration, disaster management authority, meteorological department, health department and civic agencies to avert any untoward situation, consequent to severe weather condition.

Deputy Commissioners belonging to different districts of Karachi informed the meeting that makeshift arrangements have been made for first response coupled with easy availability of quality drinking water (cold) has been arranged at all prominent spots across the metropolis.

Markets’ Associations were said to have placed water coolers at different public places with regular reminders to citizens to avoid direct exposure to sun.

City administration was said to had also made special arrangements to provide needed shade and shelter against scorching sun at almost every thoroughfare.