Students asked to develop books reading habit

KARACHI: President of Mohammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU) Karachi, Prof. Dr. Zubair Shaikh, has asked the students to develop book reading habit.

He was inaugurating a two-day long book fair at M.A. Jinnah University, Karachi campus on Monday.

Prof. Zubair said that after the success of information technology revolution book reading trend is continuously on decline due to increasing use of computer, mobile phones and television, in such a situation it is the responsibility of our teachers to guide their students towards book reading habit.

He maintained that ‘most of the information we receive through WhatsApp or other means is unreliable but when we read a book we may know real facts and analysis of the facts’.

Dr. Zubair Shaikh said that one cannot know real issues of a particular matter without reading books.

He said we may improve our knowledge, way of thinking and communication skill by developing our reading habits.