Weapons are provided on rent from City Court’s warehouse: arrested accused reveals

KARACHI: Two most wanted accused arrested by Shahra-e-Noor Jahan Police made eye opening revelations in police, custody.

According to police, accused Sheharyar alias Masoom Bangali and Saeed Bangali were arrested from Paposh Graveyard and arms were recovered from their possession.

The accused during initial interrogation told police that weapons, from the City Court’s Maal Khana (warehouse), were being provided on rent.

One of their other accomplice Khalil provided weapons to the accused for a specified period. Khalil was also involved in the robberies and auto-thefts.

Khalil, disguised as a lawyer, used to get the accused released from police stations if they got arrested. He has also been acquitted of the death penalty.

The accused revealed that their other accomplices belonged to MQM-London.

Arrested accused had committed a robbery in Iqbal market few days back and a house robbery in Surjani Town. Arrested accused Sheharyar, who remained in jail for 10 years, had committed robbery of worth Rs. 60 million in Hyderabad.

Further investigations were underway.