Women take exception to unwarranted delay in arrest of knife attacker

KARACHI: Women from different walks of life have taken strong exception to delay in the arrest of culprit/culprits involved in knife attacks on women in Gulistan e Jauhar and adjacent areas of metropolis.

Talking to reporter here on Monday they also expressed their serious reservations about failure of police department as well as the provincial government to allay fears of womenfolk in particular and people in general about the intentions of the mysterious attacker/attackers.

“They seem to be simply hapless before a lone man targeting unassuming women,” said Shamina Qureishi, a school teacher.

Regretting that the situation has exposed inadequacies within the police department, Qureishi also disapproved prize money announced by the police department for those who may facilitate arrest of the culprit.

Prof. Meenab Shah, a senior medical practitioner supplementing Qureishi said it has been established that the crime is being repeatedly committed by a sick minded person or a very small group of such men.

“Such mentally sick people simply do not disappear but prefer not to be very far way from the scene of crime and enjoy the pain and plight of the victims,” she elaborated.

“It is simply beyond my comprehension as why the authorities can not realize the fact and evolve a strategy to arrest the attacker.

The two senior professionals said the issue must be accorded top priority before things start getting beyond control and ulterior

motives of some are achieved at the cost of women in particular and nation in general.