Workshop on time management held at MAJU

KARACHI: Foundation of time management is self discipline which develop new habits in person which leads towards commitment to get success to achieve his goals.

This was stated by veteran management consultant, Dilawar Khan Tanoli while addressing to workshop on Time Management, organized by Personality Development Students Society, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi last evening. Associate Dean, Business Administration & Social Sciences, MAJU Dr. Shujaat Mubarak and senior faculty members Dr. Rizwan Ul Hassan and Nadeem Ahmed also addressed to the workshop.

Dilawar Khan Tanoli asked the students that goals setting in the life is most important, decide exactly what you want, write down your goals and your goals should be most smart and achievable.

He asked the students to work hard to achieve their goals in the society in which you are living. He said that a person should optimistic for his success and to concentrate 100 % at one thing at a time. Later on at the end of workshop Dr. Shujaat Mubarak distributed certificates to the participants.