Youths urged to equip themselves with scientific knowledge

KARACHI: The youths have been exhorted to equip themselves with the scientific knowledge to make headway in the present day era.

This was stressed by Prof., Dr. Tasneem Adam Ali, Dean of Karachi University’s Faculty of science on Tuesday.

She was of the view that in the contemporary era, no development could be achieved without scientific development. As such the youth of the country must equip themselves with scientific knowledge and skills in order to become the scientific workforce of the country.

She also pointed out that micro-organisms are present everywhere and space is a very potent place. No place is found in

the universe where micro-organisms don’t exist.

She was expressing her views at the concluding session of the 5th National Conference on Space Science and Technology

entitled ‘Exploring New Worlds in Space’ organized by Institute of Space & Planetary Astrophysics (ISPA), University of Karachi.

Dr. Hafeez Hoorani, Director General of National Center for Physics (NCP) congratulated the ISPA for the successful organizing of this conference and hoped for collaboration in the fields of research between ISPA and NCP.

Director ISPA, University of Karachi Prof. Dr. M. Jawed Iqbal in the concluding address informed that ISPA has organized

5th National Conference on Space Science & Technology, for the awareness of Space Science education in Pakistan.

He further said that Space Science education is not only the study of Astronomy, it consists of Space Technologies

Applications, for example, Satellite Communications, Aerospace Science, Remote Sensing, Space Flight Dynamics and Remote Sensing & GIS.

Studying these subjects, students will also be able get job opportunities in telecommunication sector, Urban Planning, internet and TV Channels related companies.

The government, he added, should support in the field of Space Science education and research.

He also announced the conference recommendations on the occasion. It was recommended to review the curriculum of institutes who are engaged in space science education, students exchange programs between ISPA and Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad to be initiated in collaboration with department of space science, Punjab University.

The availability of Urdu language literature of space science and technology be ensured.

Chairman of University of Karachi’s Department of Geography Professor Dr. Jamil Hasan Kazmi also expressed his views on the occasion.