APSRMA welcomes PM financial relief package

KARACHI: Chairman, All Pakistan Steel Rolling Mills Association and former vice president FPCCI Karim Aziz Malik on Wednesday welcomed the Prime Minister’s financial relief package to ward off the negative impact of coronavirus.

In a statement , Malik, however, proposed that the government should publicize and provide the details to all the chambers, trade associations and concerned individuals about the criteria and strategy to be followed for implementation of the relief package.

He said it was undoubtedly a very good initiative but an effective mechanism was needed for the true and result-oriented implementation of this package, which was aimed at smooth transfer of financial support to the poor and deserving segment of society including workers and daily wagers like handcart pushers.

He mentioned that steel re-rolling sector was also facing slow down as the business activities had been reduced due to the Coronavirus in the country.

The construction sector was not active, work on CEPEC and other development projects was suspended.