First lady participates in tree plantation activity at Mazar e Quaid

KARACHI:Samina Alvi, wife of the President of Pakistan, participated in a tree plantation exercise organized by Shehri

– Citizens for Better Environment (CBE) at Mazar e Quaid here on Tuesday.

On the occasion she urged the masses to take up the responsibility of turning country green with equal care towards nurture and protection of plants as well as trees in their neighborhoods and cities.

Planting of trees is a blessing itself,” she said adding that this not only helps providing habitat

to creatures right from birds to butterflies but also the needed relief to human being against weather


First Lady regretted that there still exists lack of public understanding and awareness about importance of plantation.

“Many of us still have no concept of plantation and the importance of greenery,” said the wife of President Alvi.

Reiterating that the “Green Pakistan” is very close to her heart, she said trees in our surroundings are also an

easy source of calming nerves while birds chirping sound holds its own charm.

The first lady during the exercise planted saplings of cheeko and jammun, appreciating that fruit trees are

particularly needed in a city like Karachi.

“I am always available for the cause across the country as such efforts are needed in every nook and corner

of Pakistan,” said Samina Alvi.

Amra Javed, a senior member of Shehri – CBO in her brief presentation said the NGO had been planting trees on the premises for more than four years with major focus on fruit trees as well as those species that are indigenous

as Gul Mohar, Amalatas, Neem and so-forth.

As for different fruit trees being particularly planted, not only at the Quaid e Azam park but also at other relevant points in Karachi, the senior activist said the right of local children to experience nature,see fruits grown,

plucked and tasted fresh ought to be restored without any further delay.

Amra Javed mentioned that many of the saplings planted by her NGO years ago are now fully grown and bearing fruits as baer, guava, lemon, cheeko and pappaya.

Executive Engineer of Quaid e Azam Management Board (QMMB), Mohammad Arif along with a select group of

activists and concerned citizens were present on the occasion.