Incentives being provided to girl students to increase enrollment: Dr. Fouzia

KARACHI:Head of Curriculum Wing, Early Childhood Care and Education Policy (ECCE), Dr. Fouzia Khan said that different incentives like stipends were being provided to girls students to increase their enrollment and retention in schools of Sindh. She said this while talking on the occasion of two-day 2nd women conference organized by Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi here on Sunday. She said that Sindh government were taking all possible efforts to resolve issues like shortage of washrooms in girl schools and lack of quality education on priority basis.

She further told that the stipend was not sustainable options to increase enrollment and retention, adding however, we were working on other options to increase enrollment and retention of girl students in the schools of the province.

More than 65% students were getting the education in Sindhi language in the province and besides, 65% of all books related to syllabus for students in the province were being published in Sindhi language, Dr. Fouzia informed.

Apart from this, the training sessions had been organized for more than 30,000 teachers in province and government was going to hire more teachers, She added.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Jaffar Ahmed said that there were some serious issues, needed to be addressed, for increasing enrollment and retention of girl students, adding that government had to ensure the proper transport system, washrooms and other facilities for girls’ students in the province.

Dr. Jaffar Ahmed further informed that the enrollment of girls was surging in the different universities and it was positive sign towards empowerment of women in the country. Mothers were playing extensive role for this which demonstrated that parents were aware the importance of education but there was need of political will to ensure better facilities for girl student, he added.

Zubaida Mustafa said that there was a need of policy focusing “what kinds of subjects would increase the interest of students” because more he or she took an interest in the education, more they could learn and explore in the field of education and they could ultimately contribute in better way to society.

We should not select any subject for students, let them select their subjects or fields, she said, articulating that moreover, teachers should be trained in this regards.

Women activist, Sadiqa said that improving the education system was not easy job and government could not do alone, so every stakeholder had to play due role to increase the enrollment and retention of students in province.

Union basis recruitment policy was better but there was still shortage of teachers, she told, adding that the female teachers should be appointed for girls schools in province as 30% of total teachers were female teachers.