Karachi reports three new cases of corona virus disease on Wednesday

KARACHI: Karachi has reported three new cases of Coronavirus Disease (Covid) on Wednesday, said a spokesperson of Sindh health department.

The three cases, found to be of local transmission, have brought the total number of affected to 147 in the province since February 26.

No less than 14 of the local Covid patients registered absolute recovery, one failed to survive due to co-morbidity besides age factor while 133 remain to be under treatment, elaborated the official.

About the148 cases from Karachi 94 were said to be those exposed to local transmission of the virus with no travel history or otherwise.

A Covid case also registered in Dadu today was said to bring the total number of affected to 413 from across the province, including 265 of the pilgrims who were tested positive on their arrival to Sukkur quarantine center from Taftan.