PMA concerned about situation of doctors in Sindh province

KARACHI: Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Sind is very much concerned about the situation of doctors of Sindh especially Tharparkar Division.

President PMA Dr. Mirza Ali Azhar expressed such views while talking to reporter here on Thursday.

Very recently on February 16-18, 2021 five doctors working at Civil Hospital, Mithi, have been suspended, allegedly due to mishandling and neglect the case of organophosphorus poisoning, he added, saying that the fact of the matter is that Civil Hospital, Mithi is not a tertiary care hospital capable of handling such cases, nor have trained and qualified staff to take care of such poisoning emergencies.

A couple of months ago there was a death of woman reported due to excessive bleeding after child birth (PPH) and the poor patient could not survive after receiving blood and fairly treated by senior doctor, Dr. Mohni, President PMA further recounted, elaborating that the said doctor is under tremendous pressure of workload.

Eventually without any enquiry or fact finding, an FIR was lodged against her, and now she is facing litigation in the court of law. The services provided by Dr. Mohni’s case are suspended and eventually patients are suffering. In these unfavourable circumstances the doctors of Province of Sindh feel that they are being treated like janitors with no respect and dignity, Azhar articulated.

At the same time the attitude of Secretary of Health, Govt. of Sindh is also very dubious. He is entertaining the people who have no relation with Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) neither they are office bearers of PMA, said, telling that he is holding meetings with them in his office on holidays and taking crucial decisions. This is not acceptable to PMA. PMA Sindh condemns this attitude towards doctors and health care providers.

These kind of cases should be sent to Sindh Health Care Commission for proper inquiry and investigation. But unfortunately SHCC is plagued with its own problems and busy in registration of Homeopaths and Hakims and protecting the quacks. The perturbed doctors of Sindh are thinking in terms of organizing a massive protest at all level. They are also mulling to resign from their services. If this happens the entire healthcare system, which is already in shambles will collapse, he informed

PMA Sindh has demanded from the Chief Minister of Sindh to intervene and avert this situation to happen in the largest interest of health and well being of poor patients.