PSAS demands to set up audiology department in public hospitals

KARACHI:Pakistan Society of Audiology and Speech (PSAS) while highlighting the growing issue of hearing ailments has demanded to set up audiology departments in every public hospital of Sindh province.

In a pres conference here on Thursday president PSAS Shahid Akhtar Rajput, Muhammad Hanif Khan and others maintained that over 80 percent of people aged above 45 were suffering of various hearing problems while children and youth were also being affected by audiology ailments.

PSAS, Taj welfare Trust and Rotary Club were observing year 2021 as the “year of Audiology” and free camps were organized at different institutes and organizations, they informed.

They stressed on need of imparting awareness to masses about the hearing impairment issues, their causes and preventive measures. Noise pollution, certain medicines, accidents, mental disorders, substandard hearing aids, use of loudspeakers and pressure horns were among the major causes affecting the hearing capabilities, they added.

People who spend most of their time in a noisy atmosphere particularly drivers, traffic police personnel, airline and railway employees and labourers working on heavy machinery even , journalists and lawyers fall victim of hearing impairments, they said.

They demanded that specific audiology departments should be set up in every hospital, tests of newly born babies and growing children should be conducted regularly, scholarships and markup free loans be granted to students of audiology.

The gravity of the issue required immediate action by government, they said and offered every possible assistance by PSAS for the purpose.