Rehabilitation work on China Creek bridge concluded

KARACHI:In an apparent development aimed at boosting the operational efficiency of Pakistan Railways’ freight train service, the department has rehabilitated the China Creek bridge connecting Kaemari directly with Karachi City Station via Karachi Bunder commonly called as KBX yard.

The alternate route used during the unserviceable period of China creek bridge was not only a lengthy one but in dilapidated state that compromised the operational efficiency, said a news release on Wednesday.

The 1238 feet/379 meters long bridge comprise of 39 girders, framework structures for supporting bridges and buildings, out of which only 6 of them were in serviceable condition, 25 needed necessary repair work whereas 8 were irreparable at the time of discontinuating the freight trains from the bridge.

During the rehabilitation process all the repair and replacement tasks had been accomplished without earmarking any separate technical supplementary grant. Pakistan Railways had a bridge workshop in Jehlum that produced state-of-the-art girders whereas the civil work and labour expenditures had been incurred from the department’s usual human and material resources.

Divisional superintendent Pakistan Railways Karachi Muhammad Hanif Gul felicitated the officers, staff and labourers, involved in rehabilitation process, for racking up the revival work.

“China creek bridge offers an efficient route to our freight trains that will ensue substantial enhancement in the department’s revenue generation from freight service” remarked the Divisional Superintendent Karachi.

Additional General Manager (Infrastructure) Asif Mateen Zaidi along with the relevant civil engineers visited the bridge on Wednesday. The first Up country train from Kaemari enroute China Creek bridge will resume within the next few days.