SDSWO’s 2nd foundation day tomorrow

KARACHI:The Shaheed Dodo Soomro Welfare Orgnization (SDSWO) was all set to stage a massive public gathering in Rohri’ s Piyala hotel Ground on Sunday to mark its second foundation day here.

According to Chaiman,SDSWO, Ali Muhammad Soomro, they had arranged to accommodate around 6,000 people in the open ground near Rohri, district Sukkur.

He said it would be a bigger crowd than any other jalsa which has taken place. He added that they have also set up separate enclosures for women. He said notables of the Soomra Community across country including Federal Minister for Privitization, Muhammad Mian Soomro, Allama Nasir Mehmood Soomro, Hameer Soomro, Abdul Khaliq Soomro, Allah Warayo Soomro and others would address the participants.

The SDSWO’s workers holding party flags would take out vehicular processions and were being held public meetings in various districts to celebrate the foundation day and to show love for their community.

The event would start at 12am and end around 8pm.