Seminar emphasizes early diagnosis of cancer as key to success in its cure

KARACHI:Atomic Energy Cancer Hospital (AECH) has organized a cancer awareness seminar in connection with World Cancer Day, which is observed every year all over the globe on February 14.

Speakers of the seminar stressed the need for early diagnosis of cancer being a key to its success in cancer cure.

Director Karachi Institute of Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine (KIRAN) Dr. Akhtar Ahmed welcomed the participants of the World Cancer Day seminar and shared details about the various facilities of cancer diagnosis and treatment at the hospital.

He saluted the whole team of KIRAN hospital for dedicating their lives to the noble cause of providing relief to the ailing cancer patients.

On the directions of Chairman PAEC Muhammad Naeem, HI, SI, like KIRAN Cancer Hospital, all Eighteen Atomic Energy Cancer Hospitals, spread all over the country, are arranging awareness activities during the month of February stressing the importance of need for early diagnosis being key to success in cancer cure.

Director KIRAN Dr. Akhtar Ahmed appreciated the role of 18 Atomic Energy Cancer Hospitals in general and KIRAN in particular, in spreading awareness about the cancer. He told that in all these cancer hospitals, patients can come for the diagnosis and treatment even if they don’t have enough resources for the expenditures as Pakistan Baitul Mal, patient welfare societies and philanthropists are very active in helping out the patients. Also patients of all stages of the disease are accepted for care in these hospitals.

Dr. Asghar H. Asghar highlighted the burden of cancer in local population and discussed the risk factors of the disease.

On the occasion, Aman Kasim Machiyara, President KIRAN Patient welfare society, Mr Salim Tabani, Prof Shaukat Malik and famous Ghazal Singer Mr. Salman Alvi also spoke about the early detection of cancer. Mr. Machiyara highlighted the role of philanthropist in supporting the care of cancer patients. Mr. Salman Alvi emphasized the role of family members in educating and encouraging the patients for early identification of disease. He also emphasized on the public awareness about the adverse effects of chewing tobacco and smoking.

On this occasion, cancer survivors also shared their experience of fighting the disease with the help of KIRAN team. They appreciated the dedication, patience and professional attitude of KIRAN hospital doctors towards providing care and above all, hope to the ailing cancer patients. Dr. Amir Maqbool thanked the guests and Dr. Asghar H. Asghar of KIRAN Hospital and his team for organizing the event.

The event ended with an awareness walk on cancer awareness on the premises of the hospital. A large number of notables of Karachi, cancer disease survivors, philanthropists, doctors and others participated in the activities. COVID-19 SOPs were strictly observed by the organizers.