Speaker chews lawmakers out for actions like movie actors a day before Senate elections

KARACHI:Speaker of the Sindh Assembly Agha Siraj Durrani on Friday took lawmakers to task for remaining in an action like the actors of a movie on the floor of the house a day before the Senate elections were scheduled.

He said that it seemed that a film was being made in the house and scenes of being in an action were performed.

He stated this while warning those lawmakers, who created scenes within the premises of the assembly building a day before the Senate elections were scheduled.

Agha Siraj Durrani said, ‘I am a custodian of the house,’ and would not allowed anyone to act like this.

He said that if anyone of them had fond of fighting then he should do the same outside of the assembly’s gate and not on its premises.

The Speaker also lambasted at them for manhandling of assembly’s security staff. He said that the security staff was poor and innocent if anyone touched them again he would register an FIR against him.

He said that the incident of rumpus presented a bad image of the assembly before the world.