World Wildlife Day observed in Sukkur

KARACHI:World Wildlife Fund-Pakistan marked the World Wildlife Day by announcing the commencement new wildlife conservation initiatives with focus on addressing wildlife poaching as well as illegal wildlife trade in the region.

As part of the World Wildlife Day activities, an awareness walk was held here on Thursday in collaboration with the Sindh Forest, Wildlife, Environment Department and Inter Global Human Development Society (IGHDS) to highlight the importance of predators in ecosystems here on Monday.

Speaking the occasion, representative of WWF-Pakistan at Sukkur, Toheed Mahesar addressed key challenges to their survival particularly human-leopard conflict and habitat degradation. Both species are threatened by habitat degradation, poaching and conflict with communities, he said.

He said that the organisation was making concerted efforts for conservation of snow leopards, common leopards, Indus River dolphins and other endangered terrestrial and marine species in the region.

CEO, IGHDS, Dr Shakeel Ahmed Jameel said that World Wildlife Day was observed to remind us of our responsibilities to the world and the many other forms of life we share it with.