Ziauddin University holds 75th Emergency Obstetrics Neonatal Care Workshop

KARACHI:The 75th Emergency Obstetrics Neonatal Care (EMNOC) workshop to educate medical students in numerous skills related to obstetric care was held here at Ziauddin University on Monday.

In the history of Ziauddin University, hundreds of students have learnt a lot from the previous 74 Emergency Obstetrics Neonatal Care (EMNOC) workshops and currently serving in the different parts of the world and making Ziauddin University proud.

While appreciating the efforts of Ziauddin University, Prof. Abbas Zafar, Dean Faculty of Health Sciences, Ziauddin University said that it is a moment of pride for our university to conduct its 75th Emergency Obstetrics Neonatal Care (EMNOC) workshop to ensure all the participants step out with the basic knowledge needed to handle emergency delivery cases. This step alone can greatly help in decreasing the infant mortality rate in the country as well as help mothers who have just given birth recover faster”.

Talking about the importance of the Emergency Obstetrics Neonatal Care, Dr Rubina Hussain, Chief Facilitator exclaimed “EMNOC is like the crux of the basics of obstetrics. It is actually very obliging for students to attend this workshop as it would be a helpful learning process for the medical staff and students. They would learn about how to handle the patient in the emergency and how to counsel attendants at the very same time and also participants of the workshop would get to know the basic knowledge about neonatal care and understanding of the obstetric emergencies.

The facilitators of the workshop include Prof. Rubina Hussain, Dr. Nigar Sadaf, Dr. Shama Chaudhry, Dr. Shazia Sultana, and Dr. Rehana Yasmeen discussed obstructed labour, obstetric fistula and complications linked to different stages of labour.

The EMNOC workshop includes exercises, basic emergency care, as well as all that is needed to ensure a healthy delivery. It is a workshop with hands on exercises and lectures attended by medical students, house officers and doctors.