728 coronavirus patients recovered in Punjab on Friday

LAHORE: As many as 728 coronavirus patients recovered on Friday in the last 24 hours, as reported by the health department .

According to the data shared by the department, 185, 670 coronavirus patients have recovered so far in 200 public sector hospitals, being run by the Specialized and Primary & Secondary Healthcare departments across the province.

Specialized Healthcare and Medical Education Department sources said that 6, 732 beds were reserved in all government owned hospitals for corona patients, out of which 4, 104 were unoccupied. Likewise, 1, 603 beds were reserved in government hospitals of the provincial metropolis and 786 beds were vacant so far.

In view of the surging corona pandemic, the Specialized Healthcare Department had arranged 3250 beds in Isolation wards of all government hospitals in the province, out of which, 2320 beds were vacant. However, 447 beds for corona patients were reserved in isolation wards set up in the government hospitals of Lahore and 296 beds were unoccupied. In addition, 2877 beds were also reserved in HDU for patients suffering from Covid-19 in all the hospitals of the Punjab government and 1535 beds were vacant while, in the hospitals situated in the provincial capital, 906 beds reserved in HDU and 458 beds were unoccupied.

The specialized healthcare had arranged 662 ventilators for corona patients in all hospitals of the provincial government, of which 397 ventilators were under use while 266 were unoccupied.

Around 250 ventilators were reserved in Lahore hospitals, of which 218 are occupied and 32 ventilators are vacant.