‘Ashura, a best occasion to promote spirit of unity’

LAHORE: Ashura-e-Muharram is the best occasion for followers of different schools of Islamic thought to show unity.

Chairman Pakistan United Council Dr Abdul Ghafoor Rashid said this in a statement here on Sunday.

He said that practical expression of unity among followers of Islam is the way to strengthen Muslim Ummah against all odds.

He said, “Current international scenario demands from every Muslim to work for sectarian harmony”.

He said that those who are promoting sectarianism should be held accountable.

Rashid added that political parties and religious groups must focus on removing all forms of sectarian violence from the country.

He further stated that all of us should join hands with each other to control sectarianism and make the country a peaceful place of living.

“Every Muslim believes in one Allah and one Prophet (Peace be upon him) and loves Ahle Bait” he said adding “We should work to promote unity and minimize differences among us”.

Chairman Pakistan United Council said that enemies of Islam and Pakistan want to create sectarianism rift among Muslims.

This is very crucial period of our history and we should emerge successful through unity and tolerance for each other, he added.

He said, “Muslims in Burma and various other parts of the world are facing very difficult times. We should help them and work for them unitedly”.