Aun Rizvi determined to lead Jubilee Life team in Finals on Sunday

LAHORE: Polo is the game of Kings. It is the oldest recorded team sport in known history, with the first matches being played in Persia over 2500 years ago. Initially thought to have been created by competing tribes of Central Asia, it was quickly taken up as a training method for the King’s elite cavalry.

Polo continues, as it has done for so long, to represent the pinnacle of sport, and reaffirms the special bond between horse and rider. It is a high profile game and any significant polo event enjoys extensive coverage and draws participation of distinguished local & foreign dignitaries.

Jubilee Life/Master Paints will be facing off army in the finals of the Lt Gen Shah Rafi Alam Memorial Polo Cup 2018 on Sunday at the Lahore Polo Club.

The team consists of veteran players including Hamza Mawaz Khan, Edward Eve, Syed Aun Mohammad Rizvi and Farooq Sufi. Hamza Mawaz Khan is Pakistan’s no. 1 Polo Player with 4 Handicap. Edward Eve is Member of England National Team with 2 Handicap. Syed Aun Mohammad Rizvi is also a remarkable young player of Pakistan, playing at the national circuit with 0 Handicap. He has been declared as the most improved junior player of 2016 by the Pakistan Polo Association.

Talking to the media, Islamabad’s youngest sensation, Aun Rizvi, said, “The game has been remarkable this season. The players displayed high quality of Polo. We had 9 teams and more than dozen players in each team with several international players participating in this tournament. It’s a really proud moment for me and I am determined to lead the team into winning the cup.”

Hamza, Edward, Aun and Farooq played with authority and dominate the competing teams which were studded with national and international players. Come and watch the final at Lahore Polo Club on Sunday to witness these young guns play.