Businessmen hails PM trade enchancement package

LAHORE: The Businessmen Panel (BMP) of FPCCI on Tuesday hails the Prime Minister trade enhancement package and believed that this progressive move will generate sustainable growth by pulling the exports out of adversity.

In a joint statement, the Panel Chairman Mian Anjum Nisar, Senator Ghulam Ali, Khawaja Shahzeb Akram, Mian Usman and Ahmad Jawad said business community were facing multiple problems from the last three years due to lack lustre policies of the TDAP and other organisations, however this trade package will give a cool wave for the textile and pharma industry.

But we still believe pragmatic and export led policies were required for industrial growth and enhancing the country’s exports.

BMP officials said Country needs effective trade diplomacy dialogue with our trading partners and conduct focused country exhibitions in the light of our FTA’s and PTA’s with the international counties, despite the then CEO TDAP ignored such moves and indulging himself in trade politics which result a unimaginable loss interims of trade shows internationally.

They also said it is alarming that country reserves shrinked day by day which is not a rosy picture for the business community as we have also a burden of trade deficit which is also widening.

Officials also hoped that Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi vowed to decrease the slap of tax wef from coming fiscal year which helps to increase the tax base and a great relief for the traders and businessmen of this country.

They also surrender their voluntarily services for this policy draft and whenever government requires our suggestions we would float them accordingly in the largest industry of the business community.

Spokesperson of the BMP, Ahmad Jawad said elections of the FPCCI will commence onDecember 29th, in this regard we started campaign since yesterday. A over whelming response received so far, and we hope same will continue, as the leadership of ruling group didn’t deliver in last two years, fake promises were made with the business community! Now business community wants change and desire aggressive leadership who can deliver and address their issues accordingly under the umbrella of FPCCI. He also said visionary candidates on merit will be selected who can have the ability to transform the will and wishes of the trade bodies; he added.

He also requested UBG leadership don’t be in panic, lets initiate a level playing field so that both sides should have right to address their manifesto accordingly openly.