Cancer patients thank Shehbaz Sharif for providing free mdicines

LAHORE:Punjab Chief Minister Mohammad Shehbaz Sharif during the ceremony of signing agreement between Punjab government and Novartis, offered seats to three cancer patients benefiting from this program to sit beside him and listened to their views.

A blood cancer patient, Saima, said that she is receiving free medicines with the launch of program of Punjab government and Novartis and she is thankful to the Chief Minister. Before this program, she has to purchase medicines personally for one and a half year but now it is not so, she added.

Another cancer patient, Hina Arshad, informed that due to the agreement signed between Punjab government and Novartis, she is getting free medicines and added that she belongs to middle class. She said that if that agreement had not been signed, their life would not have been extended any more but now they are living a new life.

Awais Anwar, a cancer patient, said that he has got relief due to availability of free medicines and now, he is well and also works. He said that he is especially thankful to Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif who has started this excellent program with the cooperation of Novartis.