CM holds meeting to look into childrens death in TT Singh

LAHORE: A meeting was held here on Thursday in the chair of Punjab Chief Minister Mohammad Shehbaz Sharif in which a report about the incident of death of three children due to poorly handled vaccination in Rajjana village of Toba Tek Singh was presented by the head of inquiry committee, Prof. Dr Eice Mohammad.

Addressing the meeting, the Chief Minister said that death of three children due to poorly handled vaccination was highly deplorable as well as an act of worst criminal negligence.

He said that the experienced vaccinator showed criminal negligence, and due to it, three innocent children lost their lives, while the monitoring system of the Health department also proved a failure.

He said that elements responsible for the utilization of poorly handled vaccine would be dealt with in accordance with the law and added that this sad incident was no less than a slap on the journey of service to ailing humanity. The system would have come into action immediately, he added.

The Chief Minister ordered to suspend the Chief Executive Officer, District Health Authority, TT Singh and said that transfer was no penalty. The accused would be given strict punishment in accordance with the law, he added.

He directed to constitute a committee under Secretary Prosecution to monitor the case against the responsible persons involved in this tragic incident and added the case would be proceeded upon in an anti-terrorism court.

He also directed to handover the supervision of case against

the accused involved in THQ Hospital Raiwind incident to the

committee headed by the Secretary Prosecution. He also expressed displeasure over the failure of administrative officers in conducting regular visits for the provision of healthcare facilities and said

that Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners should regularly visit to monitor the healthcare facilities and warned that no leniency, of any kind, would be tolerated.