Commuters land in trouble as petrol shortage hits Lahore

LAHORE: Commuters in the provincial capital of Punjab landed in trouble as the petrol shortage hit the metropolis on Wednesday.

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra) has said that Director General Oil was already informed regarding the petroleum products reserves on September 15.

In a letter to Petroleum Ministry, Ogra had told them that seven days of reserves were left in the country and warned that the situation can worsen if the fuel is not imported on urgent basis.

On the other, Pakistan State Oil (PSO) immediately decided to import ship laden with petrol to control the existing. According to the company, a ship carrying the petrol has docked on the Karachi port whereas the second one is scheduled to arrive in the city on September 21.

PSO says that the company currently contains 7-8 day petrol reserves whereas uninterrupted supply of oil to PSO petrol pumps is being made across the country.