Coordinated efforts needed to rehabilitate mentally ill people: CM

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Mohammad Shehbaz Sharif has said the purpose of observing World Mental Health Day is to create awareness among people about the precautionary measures and treatment of mentally ill patients.

In his message on the eve of World Mental Health Day, the Chief Minister said that due to rising poverty, lack of safety and education, the increase in number of mentally disturbed patients had been witnessed. The mental health also affects our approach, way of thinking and social behavior; while involvement in different types of physical exercises and recreational activities motivates human mind and soul in a positive way.

He said that mental health also empowers the human beings to ably deal with daily routine without any mental stress while on the other side; the psychological illness weakens the physical as well as mental abilities of human beings.

He said that mind was the most important part of the human body and therefore, it was all the more important to keep it healthy. He said that healthy human beings could play active role in the overall well being of the society and added that adoption of positive steps for the people suffering from different types of mental ailments is part of the governmental priorities.

The government has provided best treatment facilities to the people suffering from different types of mental ailments, he added.

The state of mental health could be improved through contentment, promotion of social contacts and a simple life, he said.

Today, “We should make a commitment that coordinated efforts will be continued for the treatment and rehabilitation of people suffering from psychiatric diseases. We should also reiterate our commitment that every possible resources will be provided to further improve the facilities available for the treatment of such people”, the CM added.