Diabetic should avoid fast food, beverages: FJMU VC

LAHORE: Fatima Jinnah Medical University (FJMU) Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Amir Zaman Khan said on Wednesday

that diabetes could be controlled by avoiding fast food and beverages and doing regular walk.

He expressed these views while addressing the participants of “Diabetes Nurses Education Workshop”

held under the supervision of Prof Dr Imran Hassan Khan of Medical Unit One here at Ganga Ram Hospital

which was attended by nurses in a large number from Ganga Ram, Lahore General Hospital, Mayo and

Services Hospital.

In the workshop, Diabetes Specialists Prof Dr Imran Hassan Khan, Dr Qamar Sajjad, Dr Noshin, Dr Saira

and Dr Zia-ul-Haq discussed the symptoms, complications of diabetic disease and insulin injection method

for patients.

They gave detailed lectures on care and diet for diabetes patients and highlighted important features in this regard.

FMJU VC Dr Amir Zaman Khan said that diabetic patients need to change their normal lifestyle and eating habits instead of relying solely on physicians, to live a healthy life so that medical guidance and treatment provided

by doctors could be effective in practice and the patient could get rid of the annoying disease like diabetes

with the least amount of medicine.

On the occasion, speakers said that there was a need to create more awareness among citizens in this regard, adding that with the advancement of modern medical science, it had become quite clear that nurses play a

pivotal role not only in the treatment of patients but also in their healing and in improving the routine of wards.

“The importance of nurses in running hospitals is commendable and invaluable which cannot be overlooked”,

they added.

Medical experts said the importance of doctors in looking after the treatment of patients and running the hospitals could not be denied but going two steps further, nurses were present in the field as well to serve the suffering humanity without caring about day and night and perform their duties without considering the weather or any obstacle.

They added the implementation of medicines prescribed by doctors to patients and their counselling was one

of the primary responsibilities of nurses. They said that nurses also need to keep their medical knowledge updated for accurate diagnosis and timely treatment of diabetic patients.

At the end, FJMU VC Prof Amir Zaman Khan distributed certificates among the participants.