Experts discuss Punjab drinking water supply policy 2017

LAHORE:The second Technical Working Group (TWG) meeting for finalisation of Punjab Drinking Water Supply Policy 2017, led by Housing, Urban Development & Public Health Engineering Department, was organised here Thursday.

The meeting was organised with the technical support of UNICEF, coordinated by Project Management Unit-Punjab Public Health Agency, Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department, Government of the Punjab.

Water and sanitation issues are a pressing crisis for the people of the Punjab. Project Management Unit-Punjab Public Health Agency is adopting an integrated public health approach in Punjab. Towards this end, the PMU-PPHA coordinated the second TWG meeting which was attended by technical experts from international agencies, government, and community organizations.

Addressing the participants, Dr Shabnum Sarfraz, Chief Executive Officer, PMU-PPHA commended the TWG for reviewing the policy in a holistic manner to address all the cross-sectoral concerns.

Development professionals from organisations such as AGAHE, Punjab Urban Resource Centre, Muslim Aid, Pakistan Water Operators Network, and National Forum for Environment and Health were also in attendance.

Punjab Public Health Agency played a facilitating role in meeting and creating an enabling environment whereby they could address their concerns in the presence of relevant sectoral partners.