Farmers urged to take steps to protect cotton from heat

LAHORE: Agriculture Department Punjab has urged the cotton farmers to ensure light irrigation for cotton crop to avoid heat.

A spokesman of agriculture department said this here on Monday.

He said, “The meteorological department has forecast intense heat wave during the whole next week so farmers are advised to continue light irrigation for cotton crop as this is very crucial stage of growth of cotton bolls”.

Lack of water can damage achieving the appropriate size of cotton bolls, he added.

He further said that chances of attack of white fly and pink bollworm could also increase due to increased heat.

He said that increased presence of white fly etc had been witnessed during the monitoring and the farmers need to conduct two consecutive spray with an interval of 8 days to protect the crop.

One spray is also must for whitefly as these pests not only badly effect output of the crop but also damage its quality as well, he said.

He said that ginning factories owners had also decided to give the premium on production of clean cotton this year.