Ghazal Festival kicks off at Alhamra

LAHORE:The two-day long musical event titled Ghazal Festival kicked off at Alhamra Arts Center, here on Thursday.

Ustad Hamid Ali Khan, Wahdat Rameez, and Sara Raza Khan presented their musical performance.

A delegation of the Punjab Planning & Development Department headed by Yasir Mobeen Shami specially attended the event.

Yasir Mobeen Shami said that the virtue of Alhamra was that it provided the best opportunities to the common person to make his life better.

He admired the ghazal program, appreciated the efforts of Alhamra and assured his full cooperation in further improving the institution.

Executive Director Alhamra Zulfiqar Ali Zulfi welcomed and thanked the audience and said that the Ghazal Festival was a gift from Alhamra to the people who loved art and artist after the arrival of the New Year.

He said that two-day event would give the people a chance to find some quality time for themselves in their daily life.

He further said that Alhamra was striving to provide quality and free entertainment to the people facing Covid-19 and other routine issues. Zulfi said, along with this Ghazal Festival, the famous festivals closed for the last two years like Faiz Mela, Lahore Literary Festival, Lahore Music Meet were going to start again.

During the event, strict implementation of COVID-19 SOPs was ensured.

People from all walks of life attended the event and praised the efforts of the Alhamra Arts Center.