Gymkhana challengers win golf match

LAHORE:In the First Challenge Golf Team Match between a 32 member Gymkhana Challengers Golf Team and a 32 member Royal Palm Friends of Golf Team, contested here at the Royal Palm Golf and Country Club Golf Course, the honors went to the Gymkhana Challengers team.

Due to adept performance by the Challengers team who combined exceedingly well to carve out a victory over their new rivals ,the Friends of Golf combination of seasoned golf players.

This Championship was the first one of its kind and in years to come, it is going to be regarded as a clash of champions. Most of the competitors may otherwise be good friends but during the clash, visible was a razor sharp rivalry ,the aim being sorting out each other comprehensively through impressive application of golfing skills.

At the start of the competition the Friends of Golf team had the advantage of playing on their home course and were considered likely winners, but unfortunately for them they found the Challengers team members a bit too steady and though the experienced ones playing under the umbrella of Friends of Golf showed resilience in the four ball and individual matches, ultimately the will of Gymkhana players prevailed.

They managed to tilt the scales in their favor by virtue of their confident play all through the eighteen holes. Out of the sixteen four ball matches the Challengers pairings won seven contests and shared points in three matches whereas the Friends of Golf team won six four ball contests and remained level in three.

In the individual competitions, out of 32 matches the Challengers team players won 16 contests in total while Friends of Golf won 14 matches. Two matches in singles competition ended up level.The overall aggregate score for Challengers was 34 points as against 30 points compiled by Friends of Golf team.All in all it was a close contest.

For the Challengers team the performers who managed to fetch them the honors were Salman Jehangir and Dr Dildar ,Sheryar Anwar and Rizwan Raees,Dr Zafar Nasrullah and Asad Shah,Amir Bhatti and Imran Mairaj,Farhan Bhatti and Asad Ali,Reza Said and Imran Khan and Danish Javed and Mohsin Javaid.

The pairs who won their matches for Friends of Golf team were Col Jameel and Ahmed Tarrar,Faisal Sayid and Saeed ul Haseeb,Amir Kabir and Ali Naeem,Chaudry Abbas and Dr Tashbeeb,Irfan Raja and Tanveer Karamat,and Hammad Baig and Max Babri.

As for the singles match performers ,the Challengers winning points were collected through victories by Dr Dildar,Ali Rehman,Najam Butt,Hassan Sami,Tariq Abbas,Khurshid Aziz,Sheryar Anwar,Rizwan Raees,Dr Abdul Hamid Awan,Dr Khurram Saadat,Amir Bhatti,Imran Mairaj,Farhan Bhatti,Asad Ali,Reza Saeed and Danish Javed.Friends of Golf winners in the individual contests turned out to be Hussain Hamid,Col Jameel Khalid,Ahmed Tarrar,Shahid Abbas,Faisal Sayid,Ali Naeem,Chaudry Abbas,Dr Tashbeeb,Khalid Chaudry,Irfan Raja,Gen Hilal,Imran Amjad, Zahid Hussain and Ale Imran.

Individual prizes of Longest Drive on two holes were awarded to Hussain Hamid and Abdul Islam Nazir.The nearest to the pin prizes on two holes went to Taha Mehmood and Dr Tashbeeb.

At the conclusion of the First Challenge Cup Golf Contest ,Irfan Raja, former Ambassador and, handed over the winners trophy to Omer Zia, Captain of Gymkhana Challengers in the presence of Hussain Hamid,Captain of Friends of Golf and the sponsors,Hammad Baig,Ali Naeem,Amir Kabir,B.J.Sheikh and Zafar Iqbal.