Kasur police arrested 29 outlaws of 9 dacoits gangs in March

LAHORE: Kasur police busted nine gangs involved in various incidents of robbery and dacoity and arrested 29 hardened criminals.

According to Punjab Police spokesperson on Sunday, more than 3 million worth of stolen property, modern weapons and a large number of bullets and ammunition were recovered from them.

During last month a total of 673 accused were arrested and millions of rupees worth stolen property, modern arms and drugs were recovered.

Kasur police registered 193 cases during a special operation to eradicate illegal weapons and recovered 02 Kalashnikovs, 18 rifles, 18 guns, 152 pistols, 03 carbines, 20 magazines and a large quantity of ammunition from the possession of the accused.

Similarly, during the operation against drug dealers, 179 cases were registered and 110 kg of hashish, 2588 liters of liquor, 190 liters of raw material for liquor and 07 wine manufacturing units were also recovered.

Likewise, 11 gambling spots were raided and 44 accused were arrested. Stake money amounting to Rs one lac was also recovered. DPO Kasur Imran Kishwar directed all circle officers and SHOs to continue full-fledged operations against criminals..