LBs to play role for religious harmony during Muharram

LAHORE: Local government institutions and its elected representatives have been directed to play their effective role for maintaining peace during Muharram.

Punjab Minister for Local Governments Mohammad Manshaullah Butt said this while chairing a meeting on arrangements of Muharramul Harram here on Friday.

He said: “All mayors, chairmen, deputy chairmen, chief officers and other officers and representatives of local bodies institutions had been directed to play their due role for creating an environment of religious tolerance and proper security arrangements of mosques,Imam Bargha and other places during Muharram”.

He said that the government was committed to ensure peace and stability during Muharram and it had increased number of deployment of security officials this year as compared to previous year.

He said that role of local bodies representatives along with security officers would be very effective to get desired results.

He said that there would be no leniency for those who will be involved in hate speeches or making negative propaganda through wall chalking or any other way of expression about sectarianism etc.

He urged people of all walks of life to play their role for promotion of religious harmoney in the country.