Leading players take part in Governors Cup

LAHORE: Governors Cup golf championship enter into golf history books of the country when it 33rd edition will be teed off here on Friday at Lahore Gymkhana course.

“A galaxy of amateur golfers will showcase their talent in a three-day premier activity which is an annual regular feature,” said Agha Ali Imam, convener Golf, Lahore Gymkhana at a press conference here on Thursday

at the Gymkhana Golf Club. Also present were Ahsan Imran, CEO Millat Equipment ,Sardar Murad Khan ,Captain Golf and Khawaja Pervaiz Saeed, Director Media.

Agha Imam also said the event has become a championship that carries prestige, status and esteem and the golf players with a champions touch seek participation in it to enhance and establish their status as golfers of standing.

Speaking technically, the championship is open to amateur golfers only and one more outstanding aspect of the event is that the title goes to the participant with the best net score over three rounds. That makes it one rare event on the national golf calendar which provides this opportunity

to upcoming golfers of talent and ability.

Ahsan Imran of Millat tractors said they feel proud to be associated with the golf and the Governors Cup. “We are sponsoring this event to contribute in national duty and to add to the efforts for the further uplift of the game,”he said.

From the angle of corporate social responsibility, Millat Group is also into education, health and sports, he added. He vowed to continue support for the event in years to come.

Khawaja Pervaiz Saeed said that ,for the golf players who come from other stations ,playing at the historic Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course is a delight, glee and ecstasy.

He said this event was introduced in the year 1984, and if you start counting it now enters the 33rd year. Another feature worth mentioning is that Millat Tractors have been sponsoring this event for 23 years in succession.

“We express gratitude to Chairman, Millat Tractors,Sikandar Mustafa Khan, who himself is a keen golfer”, he added.

Sardar Murad explained the essential details of the various events and said the organisers look forward to exciting golf during the next

three days.

The participation numbers are Amateurs 92, Seniors 45, Veterans 32, Ladies 15 and Juniors 5.

Evaluation of participants potential is an essential aspect of such a compitetion. Quite a few talented golfers are taking part in this event and they are Nadeem Aslam, Ayaz Saleem (from Lahore Garrison Golf Club), Wazir Ali, Mohsen Zafar, Sardar Murad Khan, Ahmed Zafar Hayat, Salman Jehangir, Murad A. Khan, Taimur Shabir, Mir Maaz Mahmood (from Lahore Gymkhana Golf Club), Shahzad Ali, Imran Siddique (from Kharian Golf Club), Fakhar Imam (from Defence Raya), Faisal Sayid (from Royal Palm). Some of the notable golfers whose golfing skills are a treat to watch are names of such participants: Isfandyar Khan,Omar Zia, Taimur Shabir, Nasir Irshad, Reza Said, Ahmed Rafi, Farooq A. Khan and Shoaib Shams. Sardar Murad said the defending Champion is Mohsen Zafar. Main Trophy will be awarded to the Champion with the best Net Score.