’Media’s liberty linked with democratic freedom’

LAHORE:The speakers at a national webinar on press freedom called upon the need to create unity among journalist organizations for their rights and said media freedom in Pakistan was associated

with the independence of democracy.

The webinar was organized by Punjab University School of Communication Studies in which Pro Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Saleem Mazhar, SCS Director Prof Dr Noshina Saleem, senior most teachers of journalism ,including Prof Dr Mehdi Hasan, Prof Dr Shafiq Jullandhry, Dr Mujahid Ali Mansoori, eminent journalists Salman Ghani, Hamid Mir, Lahore Press Club President Arshad Ansari,Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists President Rana Muhammad Azeem, PU TV Director and moderator Dr Shabbir Sarwar, faculty members and a large number of students participated in the event.

Addressing the webinar, Dr Mehdi Hasan said :” We can not achieve press freedom unless we ensure“right to know” and promote investigative journalism.” He added that political parties and organizations of journalists should jointly work for the freedom of press in the country.

Dr Mujahid Mansoori said it was a job of the media to bring about a positive change in behaviour of a common man and universities should also play their role in this regard.

Senior journalist Salman Ghani, senior analyst Hamid Mir, Prof Dr Saleem Mazhar, LPC President Arshad Ansari

and others also spoke.