Over 10m in country suffering from respiratory diseases

LAHORE:Over 10 million people in the country are suffering from different respiratory diseases, and the count is increasing to air pollution, smoking, occupational exposure and shortage of required medicines.

This was stated by Prof Kamran Khalid Cheema in an exclusive talk with reporter here on Sunday. He said that asthma and chronic obstructive airways diseases were among the leading and common diseases in the country in which wind pipes of lungs became narrow due to swelling of inner walls of wind pipe either by inflammation or due to irritant substance like cigarette smoke, air pollution and occupational exposure.

While lungs cancer and TB also have ratio in these diseases.

He said that around 6.9 million patients of respiratory diseases were affected by tobacco and other smokes. Prof Cheema said that around 71 out of 100,000 die due to different lung diseases in the country.