PCMEA elects new office-bearers for 2017-18

LAHORE: Pakistan Carpet Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PCMEA) here Sunday conducted annual elections 2017-18 to choose its office-bearers.

According to the election results, Abdul Latif Malik has been elected as chairman unopposed and Nadeem Sajid elected as Senior Vice Chairman Southern while Qamar Zia Vice Chairman Northern.

The newly elected associate class of executive body for Southern region will now be comprised of Aneesur Rehman, Rashid Ali and Arif Latif while Aamir Mumtaz Khan and Mrs Mumtaz Begum in corporate class were elected. Executive Body for Northern region will be consisted Qamar Zia, Khawaja Riaz ul Rehman Hassan while Khawaja Mir and Muddassar Mir for Associate Class and in category of Corporate Class, Abdul Latif Malik, Iftikhar Tahir and Ali Ahmed are elected unopposed.

On this occasion, the PCMEA new Chairman Abdul Latif thanked all the members for the confidence they reposed in him. Malik assured them that he would struggle hard to solve all the outstanding issues as he believed that without solution of these issues, carpet industry could not be flourished.

Malik vowed that he would leave no stone unturned to solve the issues of manufacturers and exporters of the carpet industry, asserting that all decisions would be taken with consensus and all the proposals adopted from this platform to be taken to the relevant government departments.

Abdul Latif Malik said they were grateful to Trade and Development Authority Pakistan (TDAP) and all other departments for their timely help to promote the carpet industry in Pakistan. He said the forthcoming carpet’s exhibition had international recognition and would prove to be helpful in flourishing local industry.