PES, FfP agree to enhance skills of rescue drivers

LAHORE: The Punjab Emergency Service (PES), Rescue 1122, has agreed with Foundation for Peace (FfP) to work jointly for prevention of road accidents through capacity building, awareness and advocacy.

In this connection, Director General, Punjab Emergency Service Dr. Rizwan Naseer and Chairman FfP Nazir Hussain signed an Agreement at Rescue 1122 Headquarters on Monday.

Khawaja Mohammad Asif from Foundation and Deputy Director Training Dr. Farhan Khalid from Rescue 1122 have been appointed as focal persons from both organizations for maintenance of close coordination in the future.

According to the agreement, the PES will provide physical infrastructure and space for activities including installation of simulators, allied equipment, classrooms, information technology, language labs, and offices & arranging training vehicles to the FfP. The Service will further provide communication facilities, liaison with government departments, and assistance in establishing Emergency Drivers Training Institution in the Emergency Services Academy.

Accordingly, the Foundation will develop driving standards for emergency drivers, curriculum, syllabus, training and testing material, testing methodologies, and ensuring certification of trained drivers as per international standards. The Foundation will further help to enhance the capacity of emergency driving instructors including skills and training standards, curriculum, syllabus, training material and arrange for their testing and certification.

The PES Director General Dr. Rizwan Naseer said the initiative will enhance professional expertise of the Rescue Drivers. He said a traffic accident always takes place owing to certain reasons, either due to fault of the driver, faulty construction of roads, mechanical fault in the vehicle or due to fault of the road users. “We can reduce the increasing number of road accidents significantly by implementation of strict enforcement of road and life safety laws,” he added.

Chairman Foundation for Peace Nazir Hussain said the both parties had agreed to collaborate in the best public interest to prevent road crashes through capacity building, awareness and advocacy. He said that the parties shall work together and develop institutions as required for the promotion of public safety in areas of road transport, fire, environment, health, and other areas as required.