‘Pharmacists play pivotal role to supply quality medicines’

LAHORE: Pakistan Pharmacist Association and other Pharmacist Organizations on Monday observed the World Pharmacist Day.

President of Pakistan Pharmacist Association Dr. Atif Raza, and other office bearers including Ch. Mushtaq Ahmed, Dr. Farzana Chaudhry, Hassan Nayyar, Dr. Khalid Hussain, Dr. Basheer Ahmed, Dr. Nisar Shah, Saifullah Niazi, azeez Nagra, Ijlal Ghani, Munawwar Ali, Dr. Noor Mohammad Mahar, Zafar gondal, Maryam Manzoor, Saima Hassan and Asif farooq sharing their views said that World Pharmacist Day on September 25, was observed in the whole world for the rights of Pharmacists.

They demanded jobs from the Government of Punjab for 7000 unemployed Pharmacists in Punjab.

They said that a clinical pharmacist should be appointed in every 10 bed hospital in the province.

They urged the Punjab government to appint one pharmacist on every medical store and pharmacy for one shift, so that the quality medicines will be provided to the patients like the whole world.