PIAF-Founders Alliance clean sweeps by winning all seats

LAHORE: The PIAF-Founders Alliance has made clean sweep by winning all the seats of LCCI Associate Class for the year 2017-18.

Total 3342 votes were polled out of 8808 while 28 votes were rejected due to technical reasons. PIAF-Founder Alliance got 1795 panel votes while the Lahore Businessmen Front got 869 panel votes.

The PIAF-Founders Alliance candidates Fahim ur Rehman got 2253, Mohammad Hanif 2162, Mohammad Chaudhry 2149, Kaleem Ahmed 2098, Chaudhry Aurangzeb 2100, Dr. Shahid Raza 1980 while Lahore Businessmen Front candidates Amjad Chaudhry got 1238, Mian Javed Ali 1171, Usman Ghani 1060, Sajid Aziz Mir 1025, Shahzad Aslam 982, Mohammad Javed 1037, Raja Hassan Akhter got 1014 votes.

It is pertinent to mention here that PIAF-Founders Alliance has already secured 8 class of Corporate Class unopposed. The final results will be announced on September 29 in scheduled Annual General Meeting.